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The Mods (Sara and Miri) Would like to welcome all of you to our multi-fandom lawyer Role Playing Game, Legalese.

We would like to explain a few things to everyone to make the game as fun and enjoyable as possible.

Interactions with other players:

As this is primarily a social Role Playing Game, player interaction is more of a one on one setting. No one will mind if characters IM others. Please feel free to do so. Just don't forget to establish a time line.

Also don't forget to post to your character journal. We like to read about the goings on in the lives of the characters.

Group RP sessions will be organized by the mods. And announcements posted to the main community. Please respond to each RP announcement with whether or not you would like to attend, and what time would be good for you. Then a final time post will be posted by the mods in the main community. On chat day, just ask a mod to invite you into the room.

And if you haven't done so already, please see the age verification post. You must certify that you are 18 or older in order to play. You can do so here.

The Wiki:

Legalese has a game wiki. Everyone is allowed to edit pages referring to their characters, floor plans of their apartments and/or offices. Also on the wiki are rules, please refer to them whenever you have a question. Also feel free to email the mods at legaleserp.moderator@gmail.com.

The EvilGame:

We also have an evil game, elegalese What that means is, it is an AU for everyone involved in regular Legalese and a few additional characters. This AU is what would happen if the lives of our characters took a slightly different turn. Everyone is welcome to join, but there is no obligation to do so.

Other AU's:

We all wonder what would happen if our characters made different choices. What if Alan never left Boston? What if Casey went to work for Crane, Poole, and Schmidt right out of law school? Everyone loves a good AU; so, we encourage you to share your ideas and play them out. If you would like to post them for others to read, let the mods know and we'll set up an AU community.

If anyone has any other suggestions/ideas please feel free to let us know. This is your community as much as it is ours! You can comment to our suggestion post here or just email the mods.

Have fun and Happy RP-ing!!