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It's a new character!!

Friend and play away.

LJ: ecanterbury
AIM: elizcanterbury

*whispers* Someone is watching us...

So I'm involved in a strictly
Boston Legal RPG
We accept characters from other shows and stuff, but it all takes place basically within the regular timeline. Shockingly enough, I'm not Alan.

However, the person who is Alan was interested in Legalese. Probably not to join, but just to read. Since most of our character posts are f-locked, and we do most of our posts in our character Journals, could you friend another Alan?

LJ Name is alan_shore_cps

Thanks Guys.



User info--just changed the graphic to include all of the main played characters. I took the NPC's out.

Wiki--Remember our friend the wiki? I added a former characters page, and updated the played character list according to the Roll Call post.

Group RP--Alan's throwing a housewarming party in his and Alex's new brownstone, everyone is invited. Just leave a comment with a good day. It'll be the usual pop in and out whenever.

Mod Post: Roll Call

Hi everyone! Can you believe this place is almost a year old? I can't.

Anyway, I'm doing some wiki updates, a few people im-ed me this weekend and asked me about the game so what I'd like to know is, who's playing, who's not, who would like to apply for a new character etc, who you would like to trade in, things like that.

So if
could reply to this post with comments as to who they'd like to keep, give away, or try out that would be spiffy. Comments are screened

Also, when Alan and Alex move, he plans on throwing a party. Just some warning.

And Happy Discount Chocolate Day Eve!


New Character!

Yep that's right new character!

Jill Bernhardt---jillbernhardt
Played by: Catherine

Friend and play away!

Help with an NPC

I'm making an NPC client for Alan and I need some help from the community. Leave a comment (or more than one if other stuff comes to you) With the most Mary-sue-y, over drama-ed, over the top rp characteristics you've seen or been subjected to.

Comments are screened.

Halloween Party

It's today! Pop in and out at your leisure. If you'd like you can post your character(s) costume here so we can all refer to it. Poke me for an invite to the room.


Continuing Coverage

We've just been told that a press conference has been scheduled for approximately half an hour from now. Speaking at the briefing will be the Mayor, the Chief of Police, the Chief of the Fire Department, and District Attorney Donnelly. We will, of course, bring you live coverage when the press conference begins. We expect that at this briefing, the city will confirm that a bomb was set off in the Manhattan DA's office building. We are still uncertain about the progress of rescue efforts, but hopefully, we will soon have something more substantial to report.

The Fundraiser

Looks like Saturday is the day for the RP. Probably Early evening until whenever, but if I'm online and at the computer just ask me for an invite.

You're welcome to drop in and out or whatever.

See everyone Saturday!


Vote for Elizabeth Donnelly for DA!

That's right folks our first group RP. Liz made mention of it here.

At the moment it's scheduled for Sometime on Saturday, March 24th. Comment below with a time (or times) that works for you. If that's a bad day, comment with that too.

Everyone's invited. If anyone who's watching the community would like to drop in and watch you're more than welcome to do so. Just poke one of the mods for an invite.